Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Today, both girls came really close to missing school. I woke them both up one time. Kept hearing S's alarm. Sent a siren to her phone (lookout mobile security) 17 times, which she slept thru! (It is REALLY loud BTW). M's light was on so I figured she was up. I have an alarm set on my phone for a ten minute warning till bus comes. (Eric Burden and the Animals - We Gotta Get Out of This Place...)

Guess what finally woke S up? Yep. My alarm!

I went to the bottom of the stairs to let J know there was 10 mins left...and she also was SOUND ASLEEP!


They both made it to bus. Tomorrow, I will not offer any help at all. If they sleep through, not only will they both get a Fri night detention and a Saturday detention, they are grounded for a week. Which means missing Halloween trick or treat, the movie double date S has planned for Friday night, and any activities otherwise planned. It also means J will be sidelined for first basketball game because she will receive 4 demerits for EACH detention.


I have got to clean today. No energy. I am still refusing to clean M's responsibilities I.e. living and dining room. They are now GROSS. I will clean bathroom and kitchen.

It would be way easier to just frickin do it myself, which I have done for years. Only takes me about an hour really. Run sweeper, empty dishwasher, dust, pick up stuff.

I keep telling them, I WILL NOT LIVE FOREVER. They must and will learn to care for and about things other than themselves.......

We will see.  If J left clothes out, they will be in front yard today.

Happy cold, dreary Ohio weather day to all!

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