Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Don't really know if anyone will read this but I have started back up.

Adopted the girls.

Calamity..,after 9 years in the SAME methadone program, after being mandated into treatment for dirty (alcihol-no tolerance program ) test is now facing mandatory weaning and kicked out. 100 mg of methadone down to 0 mg in 45 days. That's rough. Deadly perhaps. My reaponse? I said.... (yea, really) "well, alcohol is legal, BUT it was/is forbidden by the clinic AND you did it anyway. What exactly did you expect?"  She said "Mom, I'm so glad I signed the 2 girls over, because I will kill myself." My reply?  (Yes, this is me). Okay, but if you do...please make sure that 1/4 Pint goes to us! Not her bio Dad.  Sigh. Truth is stranger than fiction when you are a POA.