Sunday, November 17, 2013

horrible person

I am a horrible person. S needed a friend over last night to work on an opera she and 2 other college kids have to write. The girl couldn't come over until (gasp) like, um, like 8 p.m., so could I like, go and pick her up? Ok. I did. Today..I went to church.  Me, M and M1. After the Priest came over to Bless the house. Then, S asked if I could go and pick up friend B (boy) who is the 3rd person doing opera project, because, like, his Dad had a migraine! Ok. So off I go to pick him up. Then, I actually (gasp) leave to go spend time with a friend and pick up a set of 4 living room tables. I come home and unload the 2 I could get in the car...onto. The. Side. Porch. Where they are, like, FILMING!  HOW RUDE! So...yah. Eh ends up at 4:45 taking the 3 of them to the girls house....because now they cannot film. And I get to pick them up an hour later (mind you, this is NOT down the street), so on the way back after I dropped the OTHER kid off (again, whose parents cannot come get him) I tell said that i thought she had that WAY to big a sense of entitlement?  Which leads to a FB post. Her's. Really?

Here is her post...

Nobody knows the hurt I feel everyday. Nobody knows my thoughts or my emotions. Nobody knows what affects me the most. But the worst part, is that nobody takes any of it under consideration. Nobody thinks before they say something. Nobody thinks about how much one sentence can affect your life. One conversation. One thing you do. It can affect a person for years. Why don't I talk to someone about it? I don't know, why don't you try being in my shoes for a day, and see if you really want to tell someone my thoughts and emotions. You wouldn't want to. So next time you say something to someone, think about your words very carefully, because that person might be hiding a lot of hurt behind their bubbly personality, and their smile..

Can anyone say 14 year old drama queen? I guess I am "nobody" and "nobody" is a horrid person?

Sunday, November 3, 2013

shitty mood

I'm just in a bad mood. Permashit. I'm mad at 3 out of 5 of my grown kids (surprisingly, not the junkie kid), and the house is just to small to be alone ANYWHERE. kids can go to their rooms. DH goes to our bedroom. M is on couch. M1 is asleep in her crib in dining room. I get the kitchen.  I feel like a fucking taxi driver, scheduler and maid. And I'm tire and my back hurts. Wish I had a "mom cave!"

Friday, November 1, 2013


I have had a constant headache now for 14 years. Im kind of sick of it.