Thursday, October 31, 2013

Most hated day of the month

see, we live on a disabled veteran's pension, along with Social Security Disability. It's not much. for a family of 7, we get a whopping almost 4k a month. That sounds like pretty good eh? close to $48k a year, right?

Till you add up mortgage, car payment, cable, water, electric, gas, insurance, taxes, cell phone bill (how DID we live without them?)...

Add in credit cards. Well, the thing about the credit cards is that I USE them to LIVE ON during the month. I do all my shopping with a credit card, and then I PAY THEM OFF COMPLETELY at the end of the month, hence, no interest charged.

So, I just figured out the bills. We have a whopping $.30 left lmao! WHOOP WHOOP!!

I'm about a month behind on the gas, the cable, and the electric. Not enough to risk shutoff. I just don't pay them till I get the new bill (which usually comes pretty close to giving me heart failure). Then I figure out the PAST DUE amount and pay that. Ah well. It keeps the lights on.

When the latest President was first elected, we had over $4,000 in savings. I don't care where your political loyalties lie, I go by my bank account. You know how much I have been able to save in the last 6 years?



and Christmas is right around the corner. OH!

So S doesn't believe anymore. Good on her. Easy Christmas, she wants money.

remember the good old days where you didn't even think twice about handing out 3 grand on Christmas?

Yah. Our budget is $200 per kid.

Welcome to the recession.

Oh, and if you are over 18, guess what? you are dropped from the Christmas and Birthday lists. Only the children under 18 get anything. Its what we HAD to do. Not fair, but then life seldom is.

J.....believes. Now J is in 7th grade. Which is a bit late to BELIEVE. But, remember, J is only ELEVEN years old.  So I can't just whip out $200 bucks and give it to her.  WTF?

And the things kids want are NOT CHEAP. No more Bratz dolls. Nope. They want new laptops. New smart phones. New tablets. The latest technology. An Xbox One. (like THAT's gonna happen!)

Oh. the grands that do not live with us, they get a nice crisp $50 bill.  A told me don't get her money because her Dad, Cop makes her put half in the bank!!  So for her I will get a nice Visa gift card for the same amount. TAKE THAT COP!!  Ha ha.

The baby will be easy.

K will be easy. She loves anything Monster High.

J...won't be easy.

I hate bill paying day!

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