Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Red Tape and Redding Up

Ooops. Some of you might not know what to 'redd up' means!



I live with slobs. It's my own fault really, and that doesn't give me one whit of satisfaction whatsoever.  Being super mom throughout the first group of children didn't help either!! Now they all think it is an entitlement to sit on their ass and let me do the work.

Guess what?

Life is a constant change right?  I mean, heck, I have had to change over and over and over. So I think that it is time for some OTHER people in my family to learn to deal with changes.

Like. I am only cleaning the kitchen from now on. There are four rooms on this floor. Living room, Dining room, Kitchen and Bedroom. Plus bathroom.

I may start chucking stuff out into the yard as well. I have been known to do that in the past.  Little J (formerly known as Half Pint) is the biggest culprit. she undresses anywhere and everywhere and my dining room table and chairs are her usual throwing place. Bookbag. Cheering Bag. pants. clothes. socks. Normally I pick them all up and deposit them on the stairs to her room. I just did that.

Tomorrow, they get chucked out into the yard where she can pick them up when she arrives home from school off the bus.

S (formerly known as Pint), she has a problem with dishes. Well, so does J actually. Now I could forbid them to eat in their rooms, which I have done numerous times in the past. Didn't work out that well as our home is not large. I could do lots of things.

I could chuck out the dishes in the yard too. My yard may be the most colorful yard on the block soon!! Corelle ware, bra's, yoga pants with zebra stripes......plastic cups? Could get interesting!!

Hubby.  Okay.  He likes coffee. So do I. I am the one who turned him onto gourmet coffee. Made in a french press. (we have four). He leaves the nasty, cold coffee grounds in the bottom and doesn't clean HIS french press. EWWWWW. gross personified!  Not sure what to do about that. So  far, I have been making MY coffee in the morning and instead of the usual (me bringing him a cup while he lazes in bed), I have just been yelling from the kitchen "water is hot if you want to make YOUR coffee...." lol.

M, who is 24 and should know better, will do whatever I ask of her but ONLY IF I ASK. I am making Living room (where she sleeps) and Dining room (where the baby sleeps) HER responsibility.

And they can all share cleaning the toilet.

I think this might be a revolution!

Tried to shift all our prescriptions over to Express Scripts to get 90 day supply mailed. Savings of over $100 a month as well.  All got turned down. Just spent 25 minutes on phone to find out Dr office did not specify DIRECTIONS on prescription. sigh. Called Dr. office. Spoke with staff. Asked them nicely to  please re-submit.  sheesh.

Just another day in paradise I guess.  J will not be able to get up her stairs. LOL. there is way to much stuff on them.

Also thinking of having DH do nightly room checks for cleanliness. I've been doing this crap for enough years. Time for him to step up!!

This could be a fun year :)

Oh. Does anyone else have a house with cold and hot spots?  It's flipping FREEZING in my kitchen and when you go into the living room, it's hotter than heck. Thermostat set to 70. I bought ceiling fans for all rooms in the apparently misplaced hope that they would help distribute the heat or cold more evenly? I mean, that is what the advertisments say?

Don't EVER put a ceiling fan in a kitchen that has one of those hood vent that supposedly cleans the air and blows it back out. The hood vent works, and then the ceiling fan blows the grease evenly throughout the kitchen and all over the cupboards. That was fun cleaning yesterday. My ceiling fan will be a decoration in the kitchen LOL.

We still have one more to replace, in J's room. It's been sitting up there for 3 months now. Thinking maybe I'll just go up and start it myself. I don't do electricity well, and DH knows for a fact I will either electrocute myself or burn the house down. So MY theory is that if I go up and start, he will have no choice but to come do it. Dastardly woman that I am!!

Also there is a tree in the backyard that came down last storm 6  months ago. Guess what? This girl is going to grab the chain saw. The problem is, I cannot START the chainsaw. So I will have to bring it in for HIM to start.....

Oh, we have our ways...yes we do!!

Good day all <3

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  1. This post made me chuckle! I told my dear hubby that our names should be Half-way Hardaways. We have so many half-finished projects inside and outside our home that it makes me nuts!!!!!

    Had carpenter bees in the carport. Hubby filled all the holes and lacquered half the carport. This lacquer is supposed to deter the bees' pursuit of the raw wood. Well, at least only half the carport will fall down now.

    For months, we had half the house pressure washed. In Louisiana, pressure washing is a must. Unless you like green! Mold grows on EVERYTHING, because of the humidity. Our home was half white and half green. That was the one chore we finally completed!

    For the longest time we were growing a garden of weeds in the trailer. Hubby had picked up a load of soil and brought it home on the trailer that he tows behind the truck. Used half the dirt and left the other half to grow weeds. Finally hired someone to finish that job.

    I could go on, but I'll spare you.

    And I haven't even touched what it's like on the inside of the house. We moved in 17 years ago. Finally began to redo floors that need it oh so badly! Got the downstairs done, minus two rooms. Ran out of funds. **sigh** One day...