Thursday, January 23, 2014

Just rambling

Life continues. No major problems here, Thank you Lord. Calamity wants to "come by to talk" today. oh. yay.

Kids are fine. Honor roll all around, except for Pint, who missed it by .13 because she turned her paper in late. Ah well, consequences happen!!

Biggest problem I have is

1. I have nowhere in the house that is MINE. Just a small spot at a dingy kitchen table.  M has the living room. Kids have their rooms. DH has our bedroom. I even lost my laptop because his tower burned out and he has to continue playing his stupid online game or he will lose all his stupid building things he has purchased with money we don't really have  achievements.....

2. I am pretty tired of being broke. If son doesn't get off his ass, I just may quit paying his student loans and let my stupid in laws lose their damn house. Jerk owes me close to 4 grand now. Getting rather pissed over the whole thing. No drugs, just idiocy and laziness.

3. Mouthy teenage girls. Trying to get them to just KEEP THEIR ROOMS FROM BEING REPORTED AS A TOXIC HAZARD. All I ask is Grades and pick up after yourself.  Don't think I am being harsh.

4. Stressing over my stupid previously well thought out decision to grade accelerate them. Now I have an 11 year old going to sweetheart dance Feb 7, in a flipping strapless short homecoming type dress (albeit very plain, VERY she has no boobs and I was afraid the damn thing would fall right off her!!!) and it also isn't too short, hitting right above her knees. Well, she likes it. What the hell, she IS in 7th grade.

5. Pint..going to homecoming. Got her a $800 dress at a local church that sells them secondhand. Paid $100. she looks like a flipping model in it. It is a size 2. OMG. I think I will send DH with her and have him take a shotgun. She is 14. and looks 17.

But that's not even unusual anymore, regardless of the grade acceleration is it? Most girls today look way older than we did at that age.

Maybe it really is that GBH or whatever they give cows. I guess if enough kids drink soymilk, we will find out with the next generation?

Now to wait and see what bomb Calamity is going to drop on me.

Peace all.


  1. It is unbelievable how old the girls look now! My friends daughter who is 15 (but 14 at the time) posted a picture of herself with 5 other friends and O.M.G. I thought to myself if that had been my daughter she would have had that dress (or long shirt) ripped right off her PLUS her 6 inch $1500.00 shoes thrown out but of course Mom (my friend) bought them for her. Even when I was a size 8-10 I was considered very fat...Oh how I would love to be an 8 again. Back on topic I honestly think I would never allow that kind of dress but I even hate to say that out loud because I am sure she thinks she would never have an addict for a child if I had done things differently.

    Sounds like you are doing great with the girls and everything else you have on plate. And those deals you find! I wish I lived closer so I could follow you around and your bargain shopping. I would love an $800.00 dress for $100.00! :)

  2. I am totally with you on the "oh yay" about Calamity coming by to "talk". I hope it isn't too difficult of a request or bombshell. I hate when people do that. I wish they would just give the topic over the phone before heading over to see me or just spit it out over the phone. Waiting and wondering is the worst!!!

  3. Just got caught up reading here...had to laugh at the shotgun at the prom, but I know what you mean. You'll need to keep an eye out for her. I was thinking of you today just wanted to let ya know :)

  4. Oh I get that all the time... a text about "I need to talk to you and dad about something kinda important"... followed by days of silence. "Oh yay" indeed.

    I loved the shotgun idea too.... :)